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June 2nd.

We Demand Local Schools, Colleges, Universities & All Public Institutions Cut Ties with the Police

We call on localities and elected officials across the country to divest resources away from policing in local budgets and reallocate those resources to the healthcare, housing and education our people deserve. More officers, guns, jails and prisons are not a solution to longstanding problems of racial disparities, injustice and police violence.  We demand police free schools across the country and an end to the use of police officers in public universities. All public Institutions designed to serve the people, must cut ties with the police in the interest of public safety.

Phone Jam how-to

Green: Indoors & Low-risk

  • Tweet at presidents of institutions, schools, and universities. See Twitter Storm Download. 
  • Tweet/ social media storm your city council, supervisors, alderman cut police budgets. See Twitter Storm Download below.
  • Create a people’s budgets that illustrate how many can be shifted from policing to our people.
  • Text or call your friends and family and tell them why you want to defund the police. If you need help figuring out what to say, use some of the demands and descriptions  on this as talking points.  

Yellow: Medium

  • Phone Jam.This tactic involves many people calling a target at once and repeatedly for a specific and strategic time.

Red: Outside & Higher risk

  • Create art installations at institutions with ties to police. Remember to say their names.  
  • Safely organize actions outside of the homes of people who manage police contracts. Budgets are one way that cities illustrate their priorities. The decision-makers who manage police contracts have to be held accountable for their part. Remember not to trespass.