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Trump Must Resign

Trump Must Resign
Defund the Police

We took the streets to call for an end to police violence and to defund the police. 

From Minneapolis, to Los Angeles, Atlanta to New York— we wore our masks to stand together during a pandemic in the name of justice. 

Because we know the world we need to build. One that can finally move away from decades of police brutality that has taken countless lives and torn families apart in every community.

Trump sees the power we have to build that world. And in order to maintain the status-quo, he has given the green light to cops and militias to act with impunity.  Police have taken every opportunity to beat and maim protesters from coast-to-coast. Cops have assaulted civilians and journalists on live television. People have been killed. 

And now, The President of the United States has activated the military to use force on civilians calling for his removal. We are all in danger. 

We now have a choice to make. And it is a clear one. 
The President must resign.