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Everyone of us has a role to play in the great rising up across the nation in defense of Black lives and to demand justice for the victims of police and vigilante violence. Here we offer ways to come together, share, and take action.

“Power concedes nothing without a demand.”

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Where We Push, We Win...

When we organize our communities to make change, we  must first identify the problem and the solution. We often refer to our solutions as demands. These are the overarching demands M4BL is making of our national and elected officials. To make the demands actionable, below we offer some ideas for you, your family, and friends to take action in your community and resources to learn how.


End the War on Black People

We demand an end to the criminalization, incarceration, and killing of our people. We call for not just individual accountability of officers after a murder, but entire police departments. 

Divest from the Police & Invest in Black Communities

We call on localities and elected officials across the country to divest resources away from policing in local budgets and reallocate those resources to the healthcare, housing and education our people deserve. More officers, guns, jails and prisons are not a solution to longstanding problems of racial disparities, injustice and police violence. 

Local Schools, Colleges, Universities & All Public Institutions Cut Ties with the Police

We demand police free schools across the country and an end to the use of police officers in public universities. All public Institutions designed to serve the people, must cut ties with the police in the interest of public safety.

Immediate Relief for Our Communities

We demand the federal government provide direct cash payments, rent cancellation, mortgage cancellation, a moratorium on utility and water shutoffs and a cancellation of student, medical and other forms of debt. We demand long-term economic solutions like a Universal Basic Income, in order to address the immediate crisis and pave the way for a just recovery that doesn’t prioritize corporations and leave our communities behind.

Economic Justice for All Our People

From Minneapolis to Louisville our people continue to be exploited by this economy from generation to generation. At this moment of economic crisis we need to seize the opportunity to rethink the economy and move it towards one that serves the needs of people and the planet, not corporations and the wealthy. 

Respect the Rights of Protestors'

We demand that no harm come to protestors. Violations of property should never be equated with the violation of human life. We demand that local and state officials ensure that there are no abuse of powers, no use of lethal force on protestors. 

Repair for Past and Continuing Harms

State actors like the police,  immigration agents and corporations who have caused harm to Black communities must repair the harm done. Police department must acknowledge the harm their institution have caused Black families, make an official apology and commit resources to families and communities who have been forced to suffer.

We Demand Community Control

The most impacted in our communities need to control the laws, institutions, and policies that are meant to serve us – from our schools to our local budgets, economies, and police departments.

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